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  1. Hey guys im just signing up on here and wanting to say hi and introduce myself. Name is Neal and live here in central texas. I work at Nitrous Outlet so if you guys have any questions let me know. I have had about 7 mustangs from v6's running 17's do DOHC's running low 11's. Pretty much messed with every platform from auto to standard v6-to v8, pushrod to OHC. Also have run nitrous, turbo, positive displacement and centri blowers. anyways here is my current daily dirver for now until i get something to keep the miles off of it.

    2006 Mustang GT Vert 5 Speed
    Powerhouse Turbo with 76mm Turbo @ 8.5 PSI
    GT500 Dual Pumps w/ Upgraded wiring
    FRPP 60# Injectors
    Steeda Billet Delete plates

    DYNO Video on turbo with SLP's

    12.1 @ 116 Video



  2. Man what a killer job! I need some parts btw... lol Welcome, nice ride!
  3. thanks man. yeah hit us up anytime. we can help you out.
  4. Sweet! I need a kit for my 88 with a 2v...with purge and the ashtray switch panel

  5. are you running with efi with the stock tb and elbow or are you running carb??
  6. EFI, did the entire swap (motor, tranny, computer, from an 02 GT)...Motors bone stock only mods are 255 fuel pump, diablo tune, K&N, custom xpipe, flows, 373s
  7. nice. you dont see that swap often. most people do the 4v in if they do the mod motor in a fox. i actually saw a carbed 2v out at the track on sunday. doesnt look to be a bad swap at all.

    i have done a couple of swaps myself. I did a 01 v6 auto to 4.6 SOHC 5 speed to 5.4 SOHC 5 speed and also a 3.8l 5 speed to 4.6 SOHC 5 speed to 4.6 DOHC Supercharged 5 speed. Done a couple of 4.6 autos to 5 speeds as well. LOL i like a challenge LOL.

    If you need anything just call up and we can help you out on a plate kit. i think that we have them on sale right now as well.
  8. Nice! Everything parts wise is temporary til my other power plant gets ready to go in so i like the sales and used parts lol
  9. nice looking ride, welcome to the forums
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys! What other power plant are you planning on putting in ??
  11. Me!? Dart based 400 c.i. with an F2 :D
  12. Oh damn.. LOL a little different from the 2v LOL
  13. yea im pretty stoked about it!
  14. Installin the bottle on my car sunday, not the kit I wanted but I traded a clutch for it so not out any money....However, I want that ashtray mount switch panel to fit my 88, whats the cost??
  15. Thanks man, already got it and installed lol