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  1. Hey my names Hannah. I'm 17 from Chesterton, Indiana. I drive a 98 mustang. Just a basic 3.8 v6. This winter is the year for my car :) I have a supercharger that I am going to put in it or I might just get a whole new motor. Still deciding... I'm also getting a new paint job. I love mustangs and I love driving one :)
  2. hey

    welcome!! and hope this winter changes ur car alot for summer months commin!! and if u do get a new motor deff go 5.0 not 4.6 lol
  3. thanks! i'm so excited for it to be redone. i will definitely get a 5.0! my brother has a 5.0 that i might be getting and he has some other stuff on his car too that ill be getting because he's redoing his! :)
  4. Welcome! 5.0 is the way to go! You'll find all sorts of useful information here!
  5. definitely! thanks! i hope to learn as much as possible
  6. Welcome!
  7. :welcome: to :SNSign:

    I don't believe you can put a 5.0 into the car legally. Physically it'll fit, but Porter County still requires emissions, so you'll never pass if you remove the OBD II equipment. You'd be better off swapping in a 4.6L if you're determined to do a V8 swap.
  8. Welcome Aboard Hannah! :)
    Enjoy the forums here.
  9. yeah porter county i believe is the only county around me that actually requires the emission testing. :/
  10. Don't forget Lake County. :)
  11. does lake county really have to get them done too? haha i didn't know that! this is what happens when you live in the same county your whole life lol
  12. Are you kidding! The entire state of Indiana and there are actually 2 counties that do emissions!!!:mad: What is this state coming to!

    Anyways...nice looking car you've got any more pix of it?
  13. oh i know! it's ridiculous! that's indiana for you! :)
    i'll get some more pictures soon, i'm having trouble finding them... lol