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  1. Hello boys and men and ladies, I'm Daniel. This is my second mustang, I had a 95 GT which i hated completely, But i finally bit on a 89 LX notch. I traded a v8 82 s10 with a 355 for this(worth maybe 3k). Well here goes.
    Has these wheels on it. i don't have the welds, altho i would trade for some?

    All i know is it has some type of cam, Probably e or x, can't tell yet. Heads, headers MSD distro, full adjustable suspension(dont remember what brand) full bbk frame connectors with seat supports, steeda triaxe shifter, adjustable quadrant and some other things i can't remember off the top of my head, but on with the pics right? I wish i knew what it was worth tho! help me out here.
    I know FK huge pics. miles.

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    I'll get more pics soon.
  2. :welcome: to Stangnet! :nice: Nice looking stang
  3. Nice :D
    I can't get over how sexy they are with the welds on them
  4. Nice catch SKOTHALE..

    Pay up young man.

    Just so everyone here knows this guy "INDY NOTCH" Ripped off another Mustanger over on the Corral. We are not trying to start anything here but we just want you to be aware of the thief amoung you...

    Sorry Danny boy
  5. Yeah Danny boy.............:nono::nonono::nono: