New from MI, 302 Swapped Merkur Xr4ti

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by 302Xr4ti, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. So I just picked up a 302 swapped carb'd Xr4ti this week. It has an overheating issue that I need to figure out(think it is simple like coolant cap) and replace the heater core, but I can't wait to get her fixed and take it for a spin.

    I'm new to Carb's, been a 2.3T efi guy for years now and always wanted a 302 Xr4ti. So if I ask any questions that seem extremely newbie like, lol, that is why!

  2. Welcome to :SNSign:, Jason. Let's see some pics!!
  3. I'll get some pics up this weekend. Actually not picking the car up until Friday evening, but already trying to figure out issues at hand with it! I think now the overheating problem is the previous owner deleted smog and a/c and didn't do anything to route the belt so the water pump spins in the correct direction!

    My friend went over and looked at it today to confirm this and I already ordered the trickflow a/c elim kit to get it squared away ;)

    Can't wait to get her back here and get it running right! Supposedly when it was installed in 2001, it was worked .030 over, I believe 10:1 compression, gt40 heads/headers, edelbrock 600cfm carb(needs replacing) and has nice chromed ford motorsports valve covers :D My plans are some Twisted wedge 170's, Edlebrock Performer intake, 4-barrel 800cfm Edelbrock carb, have to run shorty headers so haven't figured out which I plan to run and finally going to build myself a 2 1/2" exhaust with X-pipe.

    The motor already has a mild cam in it, so I will probably just keep it in and see how it turns out with that. If I can put down a solid 350-400rwhp with that setup, than I will be more than happy! In a light-weight car, that will definitely ****e and get!
  4. Welcome, mate! :)