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  1. New here but not to Mustangs, it’s the first car I remember riding in. I had a 66 coupe since I was twelve, unfortunately I had to sell it in 09, it needed more restoration than I could do, but it went to a good home and is all fixed up and looking good. I have owned several late model mustangs and plan on getting either my original back or another 66 soon. This is the longest I have ever gone without a Mustang and I’m going through serious withdrawals. Hopefully reading about others Mustangs will help out.
  2. Welcome to :SN:
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  3. The shakes never go away ,good hunting . You do not need a mustang to chat so welcome to Stangnet :welcome:
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  4. Good new everyone...I got my 66 back:banana::banana::banana:
  5. That is Great ,join us over at classic mustang talk and post some pics .We have a thread going