new from Nebraska

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  1. Hi all im a new guy from nebraska i drive a 93 Cobra teal with various mods
  2. Welcome!
  3. Where at in NE? :)
  4. Nice. I work downtown during the week. There's a few local clubs--you a member of any?
  5. I know this is old but thought i'd try

    I'm here. LOL I'm from Omaha. The Midwest forum on here is not a popular spot. In fact I haven’t been on here in years. I stop in once and awhile to get the world out for our local forum and club. (Midweststangs) Link below

    Come check us out, based out of Omaha. We have member in all the surrounding areas. We have a few in Columbus, Fremont, Blair, Millard, and Omaha of course, Lincoln, Gretna, Council Bluffs, and even Des Moines IA. There are plenty of knowledgeable people to help with questions on the free forums. There are monthly meetings for club members. Meetings are not mandatory. ($30 yearly club membership fee). We also have larger events every so often. For example we have a Dyno Days coming up on October 15th. Also cookouts and cruises though out the summer.

    Hope I convinced you to check us out. There is a newcomer section, feel free to introduce yourself, show off your stang and help spread the word.

    Link------> Midwest Stangs - A Mustang Enthusiast Club
  6. 3 people from NE in a day each with a similar reply post???

    I smell :spam: