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  1. Hey guys im a new member going to school at Indiana State University. I got my hands on a 99 gt convertible this summer, and so far it has done me well. I have only had to replace the front ball joints/tie rods and get new tires. Other than that, I have been going wild over this car trying to make it different from anybody around me! But recently I came across some issues. It's getting cold out and the other day I went and started it and drove it work. After work i went to start it and it fired right up but instantly shut down. I left there and the next day it wouldn't even start. I have replaced the battery and checked the that fuel injectors have pressure (fuel pump) everything is good, but it still wont crank over and fire up....any suggestions or help?
  2. Welcome aboard, pull your codes
  3. Terre Haute checking in