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  1. hello everyone, my name is Ryan Sauer. I'm a Ford Tech @ Mel Hambelton Ford, Wichita, KS. I've been there since August '05. I have 2 Ford's; a '93 Mustang GT red/gray cloth w/ t-5 & an '07 Ford Fusion SEL Black on black leather. Haven't really got very much into the Mustang, but I am ready to and I figured this sites search key would help a ton.

    I'm anxious to lend what I know & hear what others know. There's always someone who knows more about what your talking about than you do based off of experience.

    If I can help anyone out, let me know.

    Here are the cars:
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    oh ya, almost forgot about my bird I had in high school:

    '97 lx w/4.6 auto, gray leather. I miss this car so much, with what I have in the fusion this could have a turbo'd 4v by now.


    thanks 4 looking, sorry if the pics are too big...:)
  2. That was a good looking bird :drool: Welcome to Stangnet and I hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Welcome! :D