new fuel tank installed today

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  1. so my tank finally showed up last week so i went into the dealership that my friend works today and we installed it. wasn't hard at all. but you may want to check these out. first off we removed the muffler/s (GT) and exhaust from center mount back. 2. the drive shaft from the diff. 3. filler hose. 4. vent hose 5. sensor plugs both sides. lastly 2 tank straps. little tug and it dropped right out. we had to transfer the wires and the sending units over to the new tank. also the tank protector needs to be removed. when he was removing it he cracked it in a couple of places. now the cracks arent that bad but hey its a new car so he ordered a new one so if you have had your tank replaced you may want to look under at the black fiberglass protector and see if its ok. cool thing was since we had the tank down i got some cans of undercoating and sprayed the undercarrige and were the tank goes. it seems to have a little less road noise. over all it took about an hour and a half to do. the parts for the front end noise are suppose to be in friday but i am ordering the 1" spring kit so when i get them since he will be taking apart the front end anyway he will put them in for me.
  2. So why did you get a new tank?
  3. for the slow fill problem after i left i filled it half way held the handel full never stopped once :banana:
  4. you mean the glitch where the gas nozzle clicks off when the tank isn't full?
  5. yea the tsb 05-4-8 slow fuel fill
  6. I know if a station i'm at starts doing that, i can flip the nozzle upside fown and it works wide open.
  7. yea but why wouldnt you just get the free tank replaced
  8. I had mine replaced. It did help, but it still happens sometimes.

    Be careful with the nozzle upside down. I heard it won't auto shut-off when the tank is full.
  9. Ford is replacing them free? Plus i only put 20$ or 25$ at once, i never fill it up. :)
  10. I've only had problems with one station where i live, plus my Ford dealership takes their merry little time with service, end up being a waste of a perfectly good day.
  11. I have that problem, how do I fix it!?
  12. click on this
    print it out drive to the dealer complain wait 2 weeks for parts to show up drop off car takes 1.5 hours to do. i had oil changed at same time. drive home happy. also let them know you have heard that some guys are having probs after that the sending unit freaks. 10 days three tanks mines ok but i helped change it. also tell them that they should order the tank protector (mine cracked so we ordered a new on should get it this week. that way its a one stop shop. if they dont order the protector it could be ok but its cheep ins. everything has to be swapped pump and both senders and each side has a wire harness. good luck!
  13. Afixer, this is a good post.. Thank you.. I can get by without changing my tank.. However, is this a situation where if you dont get it done for free now, you will regret it later?
  14. absolutely unless they make it a recall once your three year 36k miles are up it could be on you. it is just so nice i feal like that guy on tv :banana: ron popel set it and forget it!
  15. If it is a safety recall they still have to do it (my moms 01 explorer has 171k miles on it, and just got a recall for the seat reclining bolt, which went out about 3 months ago) and ford is covering it.
  16. exactly my point. grin and bear it fix it now while you can!
  17. what happens with the sending unit? is this something that i need to address with my VERY *****TY service dept? some may have seen my problems in the gt tech forum---titled: anyone have access to the service manual.
  18. hey big i also posted in your forum. i have heard that some guys after the tank replacment have had probs with the gauge going waco. anyway the tank is a saddle tank and has two sending units in it. the driver side has the pump in it. the pass side has just the sending unit i guess do to the fact that its a saddle tank. there is also a hose that goes from the 2 units. they just have to be carful. myself with as much crap as you have been handed by this dealer i would ask for a chair and sit at the stall they are working at. by the way did you read my post sat about calling ford customer service. each customer gets surveys from ford i myself have recived 2 so far the dealer really needs this things to be possitive. i would remind your service manager about just how bad his will be.
  19. yeah, i read everything in there, but not everyone who reads in the v6 reads in the gt. i dont usually read in here, but after reading your info and this thread, it looks like it is a good idea to look at both the v6 and gt forums. i just mentioned my thread for the people that might not know about it..... ill be calling them at 7 am sharp in the morning to get some more answers...maybe i should just show up instead......thanks for all the help