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  1. hey everyone new member here from SC, i have a 2000 gold v6 stang with dual exhaust, CAI, and visual mods. i was a member at (a certain) mustang forum and had to leave, because i got sick of seeing people's cars (including my own) constantly being bashed for being slightly different or not in their "qualifications". hope i will have a better experience on this forum!
  2. Bleh to each their own and dont worry what others think!
    Your opinion is the ONLY one that matters. In the end youre the one enjoying your stang, so mod it any way you want ;)
    Welcome :D
    Pics? ;) The car would be nice too :p (j/k had to lmao)

    What was their beef with your car anyway??
  3. haha, thanks for the welcome! :D
    they always pointed out how "hideous" certain aspects of my car were.. even on an unrelated topic. after seeing tons of others having their cars bashed on a regular basis i thought i'd try to just move on out of there lol. i agree people should be able to mod their car they way they want to without being bashed about it!



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  4. Ok that is a very good looking stang!
    I imagined lambo doors and euro clear tails, which would be ok, just way not my taste. Your car though, looks great! Keep it up :) The ones that bashed your car probably DID have euro clear tails :p
  5. Welcome... I'm from SC too, Myrtle Beach. Are you mid/up-state?
  6. Owning a Mustang is very hard, There are so many that look a like now a days. Some mustangs owners do the same mods because its safe and they wont get bashed for it.. I say be different and build YOUR car the way you want to.. Even if you if you had the best of everything on the mustang there would be someone who whouldnt like it.. Stop worring about what others think and enjoy building your car for yourself... Im in the same boat as well, some people love my car and some hate it.. But at the end of the day its my car..
  7. Welcome to Stangnet. Just enjoy your car and don't let others get to you
  8. Not everyone likes the blacked out theme I got going on now, but I don't really care :) I like it and that's all that matters to me. I see you got a similar thing going :D


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  9. Welcome. :)

    Added you to the Ladies group, also.
  10. :welcome: not a bad looking stang
  11. that's cool i actually live in conway right outside of myrtle beach

    i think that looks good!

    thanks for the welcomes everyone :)

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  12. Hell... that's what I was expecting too! :rlaugh:

    Sunburst, yours is tastefully done. I really was expecting some sort of ricer monstrocity since your description of being chased out of another forum. lol
  13. haha, thanks. it's crazy over there if you go too far from stock then your car is automatically considered hideous and riced out..
  14. Just another forum that sticks to one cookie cutter design of modding cars.
    Back when I bought my stang, everyone and their mother had cobra R wheels. I mean that, EVERYONE had them on their mustang. I chose to get hypercoated saleen replica wheels :) I always liked standing out in the crowd with my car, in a good way lol.