New girl here...

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  1. Well, sorta. I had signed up a few years ago, but haven't posted since then... and forgot all my stuff, lol.

    I have a Bright Blue 95GT. I am the second owner of one family... My car was given to me by my dad...
    I live in NH. Very much love going to car shows. I do photography as a side hobby.. I'm on a couple other forums as well...
    Well here are a couple of pictures... Enjoy!

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  2. :welcome: nice pics btw
  3. great photography, and sweet ride:jaw:
  4. thanks!!! I'm always taking new pics of her :)
  5. you're welcome......;)
  6. is that sapphire blue, or just bright blue?
  7. color. We have a 94-95 section on the forums.
  8. Just bright blue...

    LOL... Not a fan of louvers? I've been lurking in them... :p
  9. i do like louvers and nice to see another local stang owners new to the forum:):)
  10. Thanks :D

    Do you attend many shows in NH? I live right in the Lakes Region.
  11. not yet, i just recently purchased my GT. i have attended just a couple classic car shows at skips hamburgers.

    lots of classics and plenty of mustangs if your ever in the area.
  12. I've heard of Skips.... Never went though...
    There is a BIG BIG show on the 11th at Weirs Beach Drive-in in Laconia if you were free.... Just sayin'