New Griffin Radiator

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  1. I wanted to install the biggest crossflow radiator I could fit in and with some cutting I managed to squeeze it in there :) Now I just have to make brakets on the top and bottom to hold it in there. With the radiator all the way forward up against the grill/headlight support, I have about 4" clearence from the water pump. No trans cooler Summit part GRI-1-56222-X

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  2. Made the bottom support using the brackets on the side with some 1/8x3 and 3/4x3/4 steel welded onto them and made a notch to clear the bottom hose. Nothing was attached to them when I disssembled the front. What were these brakets used for originally?

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  3. with all the brackets gone, how are you gonna hold the hood down?
  4. Maybe Velcro? :rlaugh:
  5. Hehe, hood lock. Still don't know what the brackets on the side were used for, maybe the air condenser that was long gone when I got the car? Don't remember, it was about 20 years ago.
  6. i thought the hood lock was attatched to the piece you cut out to install your rad, how are you gonna reattach it?
  7. Oops, meant to write hood pin.
  8. I mounted a 16" Spal fan with some $2.99 battery hold downs. It's solid, the car wiggles as I pull on it in any direction.
  9. How much was that Radiator? I know Ron Davis makes a custom fit aluminum for the II with no mods required.
  10. Those brackets were indeed for the A/C condenser. My brackets are still attached to the condenser sitting on the shelf.
  11. Griffin makes radiators specifically for the II as well.
  12. It's a fairly low cost radiator, this one's a little higher cost because of the 1 1/4 in. tube size.
    Griffin Thermal Products 1-56222-X $269.95 
    Radiator, Universal, Aluminum, Natural, 26 in. Wide, 19 in. High, 3.0 in. Thick, Each
    Radiator Style		Crossflow 
    Overall Width (in)	26.000 in. 
    Overall Height (in)	19.000 in. 
    Overall Thickness (in)	3.000 in. 
    Row Quantity		Dual-row 
    Radiator Finish		Natural 
    Radiator Material	Aluminum 
    Transmission Cooler	No 
    Inlet Location		Upper passenger side 
    Inlet Size		1 1/2 in. 
    Outlet Location		Lower driver side 
    Outlet Size		1 3/4 in. 
    Tube Size		1 1/4 in.