New Gt Owner In Orlando

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Phyxius, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Hello folks. I just bought myself a 2013 Gotta Have it Green mustang GT Premium with a manual, leather and the Recaro seats. I am in love with this car. it is an absolute joy to drive. and I haven't felt power like this since I owned my SVT Lightning gen 2 that was putting down 420 hp on the dyne.

    My name is Lee if anyone is interested. I hope to get some great advice from the people on here and I hope i can contribute in some form around here.

  2. :welcome: aboard Lee. Gotta have some pics to share, no?
  3. I'll post a few pics in a day or so, She's a bit dirty from being out in all the rain we have been having here in Orlando.
  4. I hear ya, they tell me it's the Sunshine State, yet every time I come to vist, it's more like the Rainforest State :shrug:
  5. image.jpg
    I have taken a few pics with my iPhone and I'm going to try and attach it so wish me luck
  6. I'm going to tint the windows in a day or so then it's time for some more noise to come out of the back, I was thinking about going with the Ford Racing GT500 axle back, do you think I'm headed in the right direction
  7. Buddy of mine put on a Roush stage 3 axle back, man does it sound gooood