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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Jake795, May 19, 2004.

  1. Tomorrow i will be going to the bank to finalize the purchase of a 1998 black GT. This car is fully loaded and i am getting it for 6k. It has 93k miles on it, I know the owner and it has not been "ragged" Do you guys feel that this is a good price? I think it's an excellent deal myself. I'm excited to own my first mustang and I'm sure that i will be visiting this board quite often with questions. I've already come arcoss tons of useful information on here from past post. I'm thanking you all in advance for any future help that i will recieve from you guys.

  2. If he has truly taken good care of the vehicle and if it has some decent aftermarket mods, then yeah, 6k isn't that bad of a deal. What exactly does he have done to the car in aftermarket mods ?

    Have you visually inspected this car for yourself and maybe test driven it ? If not, I suggest you do and visually inspect the tires and the rest of the car for any leaks or damage. I'de also check all the fluids and make sure they are topped off and in good condition. When riding in or driving the car, Ide listen for any strange vibrations or creaks that indicate a problem.
  3. That's a lot of miles, 6K isn't too bad I guess if it is in top notch condition. Welcome to teh club.
  4. I've test driven the car and it drives great. Has Eibach(sp) springs and adjustable castor/camber plates on aftermarket shocks. I believe these are the only non-stock items on the car. The guy wasn't really into hot-rodding his car. Just got in it and drove to work and now he's in need of a truck so he's selling the car. The tires are two days old and just got aligned yesterday. I love the way the car looks with its lowered stance. He was going to get the paint job buffed at a local body shop for me, but we've had nothing but constant rain for th past week here so I'm just going to go get that done myself. Other than being a little dull the paint job is in good shape with minimal scratches. One thing i would like to look into it getting the front seats recovered with new leather. I noticed a few cracks on the drivers side. I also noticed a humming or whiring sound coming from the rear passenger side. I thought it might have been the humming of the new tires, but maybe you guys know of something else that would cause this? seems to doit more when off the throttle completely and slowing down without the brakes. Let me know what you guys think.

  5. its got high mileage but 6 grand for a 98 imo is a pretty good price. there are people here still asking 6-8 for old fox body stangs.
  6. Congrats! Welcome to the club.
  7. Yeah congrats man, you're gonna love it :)