New Gt40p Heads Quick Questions

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  1. I know that either the 3bar or 4bar heads need upgraded springs not sure which or if I need to replace the ones in the new 4bar heads I purchased?

    Also what kind of head gaskets should I go for?
    Heres a link to the heads I bought.

    also a link to the gaskets I was looking at but I'm not sure about them.

    Last quick question not to do with heads at all. Awhile back I bought GT40 upper and Lower intakes and the throttle body adapter elbow. My throttle cable is really loose. Should I go ahead and buy a TB spacer?
  2. Either set (GT40 or GT40P) are going to require better valve springs. The springs that came with them were designed for the Explorer camshaft profiles and neither are suitable for an HO cam.

    I've never used those gaskets before, but they're probably fine. They're made by ProComp...which normally I'd stear clear from, but since you've already got them, give them a go. It's pretty tough to screw up a standard head gasket for off the shelf stuff like the GT40's.

    Is it a true GT40 intake, or an Explorer upper and lower? If it's the Explorer and you utilized the Explorer throttle body as well, you'll need to change the throttle linkage arm on it for the one off of your stock 60mm unit. long as you're getting full throttle and full return and no binding, I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. Its the one in the Picture I was told a true gt40 intake, but not sure after looking at it. Im using the throttle body off of my mustang with a edelbrock adapter elbow. I'm not sure that i'm getting full throttle honestly. I havent purchased the gaskets yet, just the heads. Also are upgraded springs from trick flow fine or do you recommend others?
  4. Just go down to the parts store and get Felpro factory replacement gaskets. That's all you need.

  5. I hear that a lot just go down to the parts store lol. The parts store is over 100 miles away. But Ill order some felpro gaskets thank you.
  6. Well shoot, you don't have your location activated. Order them online then. There is a regular factory replacement FelPro and a high performance gasket. I think the high performance is the 9441 Pt-1 or something like that. The regular one starts with an 8, I know that much. Anyway, you want the hi-po one.

  7. Thank you for the numbers Ill get those ordered. I'll also figure out how to turn on my location. I'm told with the P heads I need to replace the factory headers with after market?
  8. Thanks Kurt I asked about those since they were the performance ones. I'll order the ones you linked though.