New GT500 Axle Back = New Pics!

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  1. Got a new GT500 axle back off Craigslist so I figued I would take a few pics while I was out cruising around.







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  2. You decided to go with this setup instead of the dual-tipped original GT500 mufflers? Is this because you decided to keep your CS rear valence?

    Looks great! Nice pics, too!
  3. Awesome car!

    Did you install the GT500 axle-back just for some more sound, or is there any power gain?
  4. Thanks. Yes. I didn't want to cut up the factory rear bumper cover and I already had the CS valence so the 2012 GT500 Axle Back worked for me.

    There is a little power gain, but mostly for sound and to fill the large openings for the exhaust.
  5. God Bless Texas. From one California Special owner to another. But I go pype bombs XD
  6. Great shots! But how does it sound?
  7. I agree, a video of your ride is a must!
  8. Great pictures and a great car!
  9. Thanks all. I will try to get some video this weekend.