New GT500 owner disgusted and needs help! (DTE ERR)?

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  1. First let me say I’m new to the forum and enjoy all the great insight the members bring here….. :nice:

    Well I got my 07 GT500 Friday and was out cruise with a gear head friend of mine Saturday night when the car just stalled and gave us a strange DTE FL 000 DATA ERR message on the message cluster :shrug: . I franticly pulled over and tried to restart the car and nothing happened. The second time if fired up. About a block away it started to stall again but didn’t. Disgusted and rejected we started to limp the PIG home and it stalled again with the same strange error message appeared . Obviously I need to get it to a dealership but I was curious if anyone has had or heard of this problem with the GT500’s?
  2. Well it may have been tripped into a major limp mode. Were you out hotrodding pretty hard? How many miles are on it? Up to 1000 miles the car before she really comes out of detune mode. I have heard of them going into complete limp mode, does this to protect the motor if it doesnt sense something right. Why I asked if you had been giving the car hell before the 1000 miles.

    ...and of course, you need to take her to a dealer.
  3. It drove home with normal power. I actually had to get into her a little hard to merge back into traffic after breaking down the last time. It has about 300 mile on her now and last night we were quite gentle. Now earlier in the day and yesterday was a different story and I had no issues. But it was probable the longest the car was ran in one day and it was a hot humid day and engine was hot enough to cook eggs!
  4. All is well in GT500 load!!! :nice: … The dealership found a bad relay in the computer????? :shrug:??

    Anyway its running great and we haven’t had anymore stalls or ERR massages! :D
  5. Glad they found it. I have 241 miles on mine with no problems so far :)
  6. 1200 miles on Moms, with zero problems, but she has had it since last october :)
  7. Problems

    I have all you beat. My GT500 is a daily driven for me and I have 11,200km's on it since last August. All is good. I would like Ford Motor Co. step up to the wheel hop fix repacing the soft rear bushings will firmer ones.
    Happy driving.

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