New Guy - 82 Capri 5.0 Thread

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  1. Just introducing myself here. New guy from Quebec, Canada. I'm familiar with a couple of other forums, but am new to Stangnet. So far it looks pretty good, with a nice variety of cars. Much time will be wasted. Looking forward to posting, and hopefully I'll have some updates on my Capri this summer. I am also working on a 1965 Mustang fastback for my uncle. It's a NY car (Long Island to be precise), and extensively rusty. Currently, it's stripped bare, awaiting a good soda blast. Might start another thread for the '65.

    Here's the Capri. It's an '82 5.0 base model car:

    Current state of the car:
    Stock bottom end refreshed by me a couple of summers ago
    Stock cam
    E7TE Heads
    Edelbrock 600CFM Carb
    Edelbrock Performer 289 Intake
    BBK 1-5/8"Unequal length shorties
    2.5" Mac H-Pipe and tails, Dynomax VT mufflers
    8.8 rear with 3.55's
    World Class T5, King Cobra clutch/MM quadrant+adjuster/Tri-Ax with Hurst chrome stick and knob
    Stock (boxed by me) rear control arms
    Eibach Pro-Kit springs, KYB shocks and struts
    87-93 5.0 front spindles+brakes
    16" Enkei 92's (my pride and joy)

    Best ET so far was on this setup - 13.90 @ 102 mph with old MT slicks and a crappy reaction time/60'. Not looking to drag race much more until I get some SFC's welded in. Plans for this summer include:

    GT40P heads that I've been slowly porting/sitting on for the past 3 years, including alex's springs, new valves, etc...
    Performer RPM intake that I'm also sitting on
    CC plates to compensate for my narrow '82 K-Member
    New tires
    Maybe start body work if I feel like it.

    Anyway, hope someone actually reads this lol... Looking forward to posting more!
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  2. Looks pretty mean. I like those wheels.
  3. Sharp looking car man! Best of luck with it!!!
  4. Welcome aboard
  5. first fast car i was in was my buddies done capri....loved them ever since....same wheels too....nice!
  6. Welcome! Nice times for a mild build. Be sure and look up that other crazy Canuck. Gearbanger. lol
  7. Nice Car! Looks real similiar to mine.