New Guy And New Car 90 Lx With 351 Swap

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  1. hi all , just picked up my first mustang ever its a 90 lx 2.3 with a 1970 351w installed its goin to be my project for my new garage.I have a few tech question the motor is about half installed and im not sure what I need to finish it or what will work it is carb with a manual fuel pump, oil pan conversions done and has a auto trans mounted up but im not sure what it is. 4he rear end is still the 7.5 I have headers and distributor and starter but no pully all I have is the balancer and water pump and the 2.3 powersteer pump but the balancer and water pump are v belt and the steering pump is serpentine. I have a 94 f150 with the 351w can I swap all the pullys out or wont they fit in the hood? and is it possible that the trans is still the 2.3 would it be able to bolt up to a 351 .I will attach some picts thanks for any advice im at a stand still with hearing it run untill I can figure some of this out.oh than theres the rat nest or electrical

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  2. any help a little help please.supposed to pay for the f150 today but not sure if it goin to work for the pully swap and I was goin to use the 8.8 rear out of truck to if it will work
  3. Honest to god, I have no idea if that F150 pulley setup will work. I know the 8.8 out of it will be too wide. Pass on that. You want to find an 8.8 out of a 94' and newer Mustang. They sell for around $500. Mustang Parts Specialists in Winder, GA will get you one no problem. Not sure on the power steering pump either. There should be a data tag somewhere on the transmission. Those old 2.3 Mustangs came with a C3 automatic.

  4. thanks guys for the feed back.I passed on the f150 goin to hit up the salvage yard tomorrow see what I can find for good wrecks.the wiring is a mess a little embarrassing i will have to admite along with all the color but not my doing I just picked this gem up a few days ago.havnt even herd it run yet still tryin to get a parts list together of what I need or dont have and whats not even supposed to be there. and I asked this before with no response yet but would the stock 2.3 auto trans be able to bolt up to the 351w or did they change it already possibly? i still havnt found any tag or number on trans yet and im not familiar with any of it to tell the diff.but with no surprise I found all the wiring goin to trans cut lookes like they cut about a foot of wire out.the harness wont even reach the trans.mabee im just a glutton for punishment. thanks again guys