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  1. Hey All,

    I'm new to the site and have been doing some reading of past posts, We will be picking up a new project for my wife next weekend, it's a '66 couple, currently 6 cyl, Manual, drums, no A/C, yada, yada

    essentially a basic car, I've checked it over and while it has some of the normal rust issues it appears that its all superficial. even the floor pans look like that are in decent shape. we have been coming up with a "wish list" of things to do to the car during the "resto-mod" of the car.

    the first thing is to get rid of the 6 and manual and convert it to a V-8 and auto.

    then convert to disk brakes and 5 bolt wheels

    we also want to add A/C and power steering.

    I'm sure I'll have hundreds of questions when the time comes to actually start turning wrenches on this thing.

    my first question is: which V-8's and auto tranny will fit in this car with the least amount of hassle?

    thanks for any insight you may have
  2. What kind of budget are we talkin' here? both time & $$$$?
  3. jig, anyone can do a V8 swap, in fact i believe there is a sticky that details the swap, in fact here it is . my suggestion though would be to build the six and be different from the belly button V8 swap. you can build a 200 that will surprise a lot of V8 guys if you want, and still end up with better fuel economy than them. think about it. the other nice thing about keeping the six is that you dont have to change out the rear axle if you dont want to. i do suggest a T5 swap though, easy to do and you get two extra gears and a much stronger and more reliable transmission.
  4. we thought about keeping the 6 but this will be my wifes "toy" and she loves the sound of a V-8. as far as budget goes, it's kind of up in the air right now, we haven't really set one. just gonna keep working on it till it's how she wants it. time is not an issue either, again, we'll just keep working till it's done.

    plan on doing a complete tear-down and re-assembly, gonna fix everything that needs fixing and modify what needs to be modified. I'm sure we'll end up with WAY more $$$'s in it than it's worth but she's always wanted one so it doesn't matter.

    "life's too short to drive a boring car"
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