New guy from Alabama!!

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  1. Howdy Y' name is Joe and I'm not new to Mustangs or the Forums, but I wanted to join here in search of suggestions/help as I work on my 83 GT. :) I have a 2005 Mustang that's my daily driver, and I've modded it some through the years, but now I'm more focused on our newest toy!

    We just picked up a 1983 GT Hatchback. It's got a fresh 302 V8 in it. My son and I plan to make this new Mustang a weekend project car as we decide what mods we may consider to drag car here, just a nice "Mostly" original car to take to shows/cruise-ins!! It runs and drives good, but looking to do some mild mods to her:
    1. Subframe Connectors?
    2. Handling kit (sway bars/struts/shocks/spings)?
    3. Tires/Wheels?
    4. Seats?
    5. Engine mods?

    We will just have to see what time and $$ allows us to do!!

    I'll try to attach a photo:

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  2. Welcome, clean lookin ride there!
  3. Looks super clean dude!
  4. Where in Alabama are you located?
  5. Near Huntsville!
  6. Welcome as long as ur not a Auburn fan
  7. LOL.....who said I wasn't??
  8. Them's probably fightin words to MRaburn. :rlaugh:
  9. LOL.......yes, I am an Auburn Fan, but I'm also not one of those Alabama Crimson Tide haters!! At least we can all pull for the Mustangs right?? ;)
  10. Your welcome has been revoked sir, have a good horrible day
  11. It's amazing how you mention FB, and ppl actually start replying in a welcome thread..... ROLL TIDE! and let's not leave out my big ten...Go Blue!
    Going to be in a bind this fall, it was easy for me to be able to pull for both teams because they never met, they haven't played one another in almost 50yrs and this year, 1 Sept, they will actually meet. Going to be a heck of a game for me because I'm from MI so gotta support the home team to a point. but since I joined the USAF and been stationed in the South, they kind of hit the back burners and I've become kind of a trader by following the
    Tide, but they can play some good ball....Yes if you can't tell i can't wait for College FB to start back up :shrug:
  12. Yep..........It Sure makes for fun times during the Football Season in the South!!