new guy from ca 1990 5.0

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  1. hey names david ive been working on my first car now i just bought an intake n91 cam and eagle 331 forged crank the issue im worrying about is would i have valve problems with trick flow tw heads im thinking about buy forged piston any suggestion and help please thank.
  2. TW heads more than about 10 years old had the valve guide issue, but nowadays TFS is a premium company with very good quality components. That's a good cam, and a great crank. It depends on what you're looking for in pistons. The high end companies that come to mind are CP, and Ross. I've heard good things about Diamond, too. Good luck, and welcome to the boards. Your questions will get more visibility in the 5.0 forums. Please post some pictures.


  3. thanks man heres some pics
  4. i have no idea how to post them
  5. welcome to the forums. Nice car btw, I have a 5.0 too, just a bit newer one 2012. Totally different engines, but ain't nothing better than hearing some old fox bodies with all there mods tearing down the road, or just at a simple idle....I'm trying to get that sound w/o voiding warranties but yet to find the answer if I do a catback muffler delete (magnaflows) if that would void my powetrain warranties or something simple like the o2 sensor only
  6. thanks 2012s are very nice the spin techs are very nice sounding mufflers thats what im running and you could every lope in the car doesnt block out any sound
  7. Yeah I need to do some research, the only aftermarket exhausts I've ever had installed b4 were on ricers....yes I know but I've always liked both, like my trans am i just had that straight piped. Thanks for the suggestion on the exhaust I'll look into it.