New Guy From Canada

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  1. Hello everybody. I live up in Alberta Canada where we still have snow lol! I have a95 gt with a KB 42# injectors, pms! prom mass air! babka headers, ripper shifter! gear change! maximum motor sports suspension. Lookin forward to helping and getting some in return. Lookin forward to drivin this summer too it's been a long winter.
  2. welcome aboard, looking forward to the warmer weather hee too
  3. Hey thanks! What are you running for a machine?
  4. 89 GT 333 ci turbo

  5. Nice! Who tuned that bad boy?
  6. I've got a moates quarterhorse with a tune done by Willie Lynch at Dirty Dirty Racing. Never dynoed though. Stock block so conservatively tuned,should be around 500 rwhp
  7. Wow! That's awesome power! Mine is bone stock except for the blower. It is supposed to be 6 psi but seems less than that. I would like to see around 8. If I can figure out this pms I would like to do more mods like heads and a cam. 400hp I think would be plenty for me but! More is better on the fun factor scale lol!!
  8. no boost gauage??
  9. Oh ya it reads like 4 psi it seems. Kb says I need to run their under drive pulley but doing their calculations with my stock pulley brings me around 7. I was gonna tune it with the pms first to learn it on 4 psi then switch the pulleys and adjust fuel and timing for 8 psi later. It pulled ok with an fmu but I always had to back out because I could hear detonation.
  10. Stupid question! Are you in Prince Albert or Pennsylvania ?