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  1. Hello all,
    I'm new here with my 90 7up lx I bought when I was 16. I've had it for ten years now and after sitting for the last 8 years it's time to bring her back.
  2. Welcome! I love 7-up 'verts; almost bought one a decade ago & simply couldn't come up with the cash fast enough for it...... Please post pic's kind sir & let us in on what you've done to it over the years.....
  3. Well over the years it's seen many changes. It's was mostly stock with the exception of 3.73s and a. B303 cam when I got it. The first mods I made were a cobra intake, strut tower brace, sub frames, south side machine lower control arms and a roll bar. A few years later a built a 357w with a b303, edelbrock performer rpm heads and a gt40 intake. After the motor came the tubular k member and control arms and coil over conversion. It had zero expense spared lol. I'll post a full thread in the fox section.
  4. Welcome aboard
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  5. new member here .. i'm restoring a 66 coupe and am faced with a choice of keeping original body parts or buying new trunk lid , door skins, hood , fenders, and such . the concerns i have are gauge and fit issues. i am dealing with some typical rust issues. my restorer tells me that the money is about a wash between new parts and fixing the existing ones .. anyone have an experience with this .. feedback is appreciated. thanks .. ed
  6. :welcome: to Stangnet! :nice: