New Guy From Florida

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  1. Hey I'm Tj, I'm 20 and own a 93 reef blue 2.3 hatch LX. She's my pride and joy 20140225_174132_SW Grady St_1.jpg 20140225_174132_SW Grady St_1.jpg 20140225_174141_SW Grady St_1.jpg 20140225_174151_SW Grady St_1.jpg 20140225_174217_SW Grady St_1.jpg 20140225_174239_SW Grady St_1.jpg
  2. Welcome to the forums.
  3. :welcome:

    Nice looking Mustang :nice:
  4. Thank you, I took some more today after a wash y7ehysu7.jpg u7e3e3av.jpg hebynuju.jpg 6u4y4aqa.jpg ydagu8yj.jpg asu8u7uv.jpg 9avysuby.jpg 5edunysu.jpg