New guy from Maryland

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Aubrey. I'm 16 and from Maryland. I own a 1966 Mustang coupe that is currently my DD though I am saving up to get a newer mustang to DD so I can finally tear into mine without needing to having in driving condition by Monday. I'm not your typical young kid who their parents pay for everything I work and save for everything I buy, including the car itself. But anyway glad to be here hopefully I will meat some local owners soon!

    And here is a few pictures of my car, just for reference.
    6534546683_ac84b01eb2_z.jpg 6534546659_a4f1f19987_z.jpg 6534546539_fef40d951d_z.jpg 6559377717_a184214c0c_z.jpg
  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome, what a classic!
  4. Welcome, I'm in MD as well. That is a pretty car you've got
  5. Welcome, where in MD are you located?
  6. Right smack between D.C. and Annapolis off 214
  7. Ok...I grew up in Carroll County and did a fair bit of spirited driving down Glen Bernie. My shop is not too far over the MD/PA line if you ever need any parts or work done.
  8. No kidding, I used to live in Glen Dirty and actually through work used to frequent Monkton, Timonium, West Minister. Your shop located off 83 or 81(always get the 2 confused) or that general vicinity? I do need some work done on my rear end. Got a 31 spline kit with 3.73s etc but have never touched an LSD or ring/pinion myself.
  9. Im 18 miles north of Westminster off PA94(which is MD30) Hanover, PA
  10. Gotcha, I actually drove up there once to buy an old 350 for my first s10 several years ago. So you do touch rear ends then? Mind tossing me a pm for blasting/painting black and assembly? I'll get the thing naked for ya
  11. Oh and sorry for stealing the thread OP lol
  12. maryland sucks... ;)
  13. I thought the same thing for a few years after moving from San Diego...It has grown on me. Change of seasons, the fact that there's so many places you can go within a couple of hours drive, and the women actually started looking decent. That actually took the most adjusting after being around Cali girls lol
  14. haha yea i guess maryland does have some good... we do got some of the fastest tracks in the country here with cecil and MIR
  15. I like it out here. I also lived in Loudon County, VA for a year and liked it there too. My only problem is cost of living in this area but I guess its certainly no more than San Diego. In all fairness I was 17 so didnt have to pay for anything back then which was pretty awesome
  16. Beautiful car Aubrey. I'm in MD, too. Way down south, Cobb Island. Right around the corner from MIR. Come down to the Ford event when it comes around, lots of nice stangs.