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  1. Hello, my name is Rusty and I am a Mustangohlic. :) My first car was a 69 Mustang and I have had one in my life every since. I have had many over the years :nice: I currently have five. :D Glad I found the site.

    This is my 65 C code that is in need of total restoration. I rescued it from a field where it sat for 15 years.
    This is my 77 2+2
    My 85 convertible. It was wrecked in the front when I purchased it. I rebuilt it and have enjoyed it every since. I have about $1500 in this car. This is a picture of her in a VERY cold Christmas parade I just had her in. Glad I fixed the heater.
    This is my 86 just after I painted it. I didn't have the emblems on it yet. This is my DD :cool:
  2. welcme aboard, nice collection!
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  3. Thank you :nice:
  4. nice work you did on the mustang! Very good pics too! Welcome by the way
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  5. Thank you :nice:
  6. Welcome to Stangnet!
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  7. Thanks :nice: