New guy from NC

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by USAF04GTstang, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. whats up. my names ryan. im currently in the United States Air Force, originally from Southern California, now stationed in NC. ive gone through a small army of cars starting from a 69 Z28 Camaro all the way through 18 Hondas a few bikes a truck and now im on my 4th Mustang( see profile for full cars list. but yea...thats me.
  2. Welcome to stangnet, Fellow NCStanger!
  3. thanks man...where are you located at??
  4. Mars Hill, NC but Charlotte after July
  5. cool man...once i get the fox painted and wheels and lowered ima start trying to get her out to some shows...keep me in mind if you hear of any out here
  6. Will do, dont be a stranger here at the forums!
  7. i dont plan on what i see so far, go check out my album and you can see my new edge that caught on fire :(
  8. Welcome to Stangnet. Another member from NC here. Live just outside of Charlotte. Around June-July, myself and a few other guys on this deployment are planning a track day at ZMAX Dragstrip. Would love to have you guys there