New Guy From Ny

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  1. Hey folks,

    Just wanted to take the time to say Hi. Im new to the site, the folks from FTE sent me over. I have always wanted a 87-93 fox body. Well I finally got one, its a 88 GT Hatch Back, all original with 53k on the clock.

    It does have a few upgrades:

    SVT Cobra 17" wheels
    BBK Headers
    Flow Master 40's
    Cat Delete

    The car needs some work, but its in nice shape for the age, I am the second owner, its grey on silver, and a 5 speed.

    So Hello!!

  2. Thanks for the welcomes. Looking to do a little work to it, first mod being done is window tint. I am trying to save the mint interior from the sun. Next up will be a tune up, and I need to figure out how to get my speedo in line with the Cobra 17's. I replaced the speedo cable, speedo didn't work, after a quick check its reading 5 mph faster than it actually is. Anyway I'm really enjoying the car, the whole 20 miles I've driven it. I guess the next thing on the list is figure out why the fuel guage reads way past full, sending unit I am assuming. Should I upgrade the pump while I, in there or is the stock pump good enough.


  3. Welcome aboard! where in NY?
  4. Im from Schenectady, which is near Albany
  5. Welcome !