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  1. Hi everyone, I have a 1968 coupe that I have been working on and driving to the local cruises for the last three years. I am in the process of changing the engine and have a few questions . The first is what should I do for a fan . Electric or something on the water pump. I am putting a 347 Stroker with 400 hp. has 10.1 compression and I am concerned about heating up problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. rhode island?!?!!! i think that state will fit in my station wagon:lol::lol:

    ok for a fan i prefer an electric fan. the taurus fan is a good one if you have the room, but in any case you want a fan that will pull at least 3000cfm for your engine.
  3. I was planning on running a pusher in front with my regular fan also. Is that over kill?
  4. no it isnt. a supplemental fan is not a bad choice if you want to keep the engine driven fan. in which case i would recommend running a proper fan clutch with a pusher fan that pushes at least 2200cfm.
  5. It is NEVER overkill. I did not out an electric on my 68 and regretting it until it was destroyed. My '70 Boss clone with 347 stroker and 425 hp sure does ... lol!!!!