New guy from the north


New Member
Dec 1, 2019
Brampton, On
Hello all, I am returning to the car game after years of family life and now its time for mid life fun. :0
I have just purchased a '00 GT this summer and waiting for summer to return to get back to having some fun.
Time to time I shall be looking for help with fuel/air subjects. Not familiar with new systems, my last ride was a '79 Firebird, the basics-cam, carb & headers and your good to go.
I was a mechanic for Ford from '86-'93 as the Fox was coming of age. Wish I new then that I know now about there popularity to come.

As for now 'Let the games begin'
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Potomus Pete

Is there a trick , or does my wife just hold it
Mar 7, 2019
Sarasota Florida
Joining the middle age club can be fun . Lets go , and get some pictures We got the cars that are gonna be something someday in our lifetimes. I just ordered a new white top for my 90 fox convertible . With dvd of coarse. My wife holds it !!!!
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