New guy here... Few ???? about my '65 GT FB


New Member
Oct 25, 2004
Hey guys, I was lucky enough to find a true '65 GT Fastback locally. It's in rough, but driveable shape. The cams are aftermarket and the block is .40 over. All the exterior GT pieces are present and accounted for. Originally Whimbelton White w/ a black stripe, it's now black w/ a red stripe. My plan is to restore it to as close to factory condition as possible. The previous seller has literally a few rooms of his house full of 289 related parts and I plan to go scrounging through them and hopefully finding and buying some OEM parts for this '65. I'd like to know:

1. What casting numbers on what parts I should look for that would be correct for my A code 289?
2. What parts are date coded and how can I decipher them?
3. What reference books I should look into that deal primarily with '65 Mustang GT restorations?

Thanks in advance for helping the new guy. I'll be around for quite some time, judging by the work that's ahead of me. I'll be posting pics and more details of my new baby in a few days.
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