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  1. My names Brian i have a 2004 mustang v6:notnice: soon to be replaced with either a mach 1 or cobra drivetrain:nice: Ive got some small stuff done to it
    20 percent tint all around
    kenwood cd player
    1000 watt 12 in mtx subs
    2 6.5 inch and 4 amplified 6x8 kenwood sperakers
    Shorty antenna
    deleted muffler
    Parts I have laying around yet to be installed
    mac cold air intake
    2 inch lowering springs
    Getting more parts in feb
  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. HEY! ~ nice set of mods you got going there. good luck with the Mach/Cobra project :nice:
  4. Welcome aboard! You'll find plenty of v6 owners here as well. :)
  5. New Guy from Marietta, GA

    I finally got my '65 and '05 convertibles! Looking to see what's going on out there in Stang-world...