35th Anniv New Guy here..

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by eyespy, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Just picked up a real clean 35th limited convertable, performance red 5 speed, 31k miles. Just learning a bit about them. Only pics i had from getting it home late. Will get some nice ones in the driveway in the sun.

  2. Nice! How much did you get it for?

  3. I probably overpaid considering the economy and all, but the car is super clean and hasnt seen a winter. It has a few mods, 4:10 gear, chip, flowmasters, shifter, pullies and k&N intake. I gave $9500 for it, He came down from $11,500. The car has like 0 rash on the front cover or headlights, like it wasnt even driven.

    He gave me all the factory parts, I am likely going to put the 3.27 gear back in, the 4.10 is just too much for what i want the car for.
  4. A clean 'vert with low miles, I think you did very well. Was he the original owner?
  5. No, he was the 2nd, I am the 3rd.

    I am going to try to hunt down the orig owner and see if he has any of the delivery items, window sticker or press kit.

    I am happy with the deal.

    Voorhees, can you run my vin? I posted it in the other thread.

  6. Wow, two previous owners and only 31k. that is unusual. Good for you however.

    Got it, see my reply.
  7. Welcome to the 1 of 283 club!
  8. Couldn't have picked a better model! :D
  9. Welcome! Very nice Stang. Is the exhaust a Flowmaster American Thunder and if so, how throaty is it? I'm debating an aftermarket exhaust for mine and want one with a throaty note, as opposed to one with a metal or "tin-like" pitch.
  10. Looks awesome man! Welcome to the site as well:D
  11. I installed a Magnaflow Magnapak system in my 99...abosolutely love the sound.

    heres a youtube vid of the before & after

    YouTube - 99 Mustang GT from Stock to Magnaflow Magnapack 15673 exhaust