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  1. Hey guys, just joined this forum not to long ago and decided to finally post some pics and say hello. It was nice enough outside to wash my car and takes some pics. Opinions welcome

    2008 GT/CS mods include:
    -BBK long tube headers
    -Full SLP loudmout II exhaust
    -BBK CAI
    -BBK underdrive pulley
    -BBK 62mm throttle body
    -MSD ignition coils
    -Diablo programmer tune







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  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. nice ride i have an 08 california special too..just slightly modded lol
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
  5. Love the plate. Welcome.
  6. BEAUTIFUL! Love me some Grabber Orange! Didn't know that you could get it in a CS. I drooled over GO Mustangs for years, and by the time I got to the point I could buy one, they weren't making them anymore.

    That is a gorgeous car! Enjoy.
  7. Thanks man. I got lucky enough to order one from the factory before they quit manufacturing that color. I wanted something a little more unique than usual.
  8. @Cody032689 Your GT is clean!!!!! Welcome!!!!
  9. Welcome! Awesome car!