New Guy In Nw Houston, Need A Little Advice.

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  1. Hey guys, my name is Chris, and I am currently in the market for a new toy. I am 42 yrs old, and have always loved the fox body mustang. I almost got one when I was 25, salesman put me in it for the day, then told me someone else had a deposit on it. Broke my heart, but now I have the cash, and the means to get what I've always wanted. I have $10k to spend on a car, so my question is this. What year(s) should I be looking for, and what year(s) should I stay away from? Anything special I should be looking for in a fox body? I haven't completely ruled out a newer body style than the fox, if I find a good enough deal. I've just always liked the look and stance of a notchback.

    Anyway, I look forward to the hunt, and hopefully you guys will start seeing a lot of me around here with pics of my project.

  2. welcome aboard Chris. Its up to you what your looking for. You can post up some links to some you find and we'll be more than happy to critique for ya!!

    Are you looking for a weekend toy or a daily driver? Whattype of mods are you interested in or not interested in? 10k should buy you a nice fox
  3. Well obviously I'm partial to the convertibles and I like the later years with fuel injection. I suppose a lot depends on how you are planning on using the car. If you're just planning on a weekend cruiser than a nice vert (maybe some exhaust and a CAI) would be a fun to drive performance ride and put some sun and wind in your hair. If looking for something to build with more serious muscle than a hard top version would be better. A much stabler car that can better handle HP and torque, although sub frame connectors are suggested regardless of the model. I am a fan of the notch as well, but like the vert, has very little cargo space. If you want something more versatile than maybe a hatch with t-tops or a sun roof would be the best of both worlds. It really comes down to how you are planning to use it. That's another great thing about the fox bodies - there are so many great options to choose from. Either way $10k should do the trick.
  4. Thanks for the replies, this will not be a daily driver, it will be a weekend cruiser. I'd like to modify it some, so that I can play a little while I'm out cruising. I'm thinking 350-400 hp range. Right now, I have my eye on an '89 vert with 101k on the clock. Asking price is $8900. All stock.

  5. Nice, i prefer the 91+ personally

    keep it BONE STOCK and put an on3 turbo kit on it

    T76 with 80lbs injectors and PMAS HPX maf

    18lbs of boost with a very safe tune will make the car enjoyable and give you the power you want

    Will be as reliable as can be and youll be very pleased with the results
  6. nice car. one thing i can say i will never have on another vehicle is that black molding that goes all the way around. my 91 vert had it when i was in high school. i hated it then and now. anyone bumps a door into it and the marks never come out. drove me nuts. i parked my three year old fox at the ripe age of 16 at the other end of parking lots just because of that dumb body molding.
  7. Absolutely love it! Exactly what I was looking for when I bought mine. 101k miles isn't that much concerning the motor - the 5.0's are pretty much bullet proof if it was well maintained. I would take a close look at the shock towers for rust before buying it. Unless it's been done already it will prob need some minor suspension maintenance - shocks, springs, sway arm bushings, etc. - but nothing major. Let us know if you pick it up.
  8. Well, did you buy it?