New Guy Looking For A 5.0 Fox To Be My Dd In The Near Future

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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to get an 89-93 5.0 (GT or LX) to be my daily driver here soon. If not by the fall, then definably next spring. I already asked a similar question over at Modded Mustangs, but I figure there's no such thing as too much info so here goes:

    1. are these old Foxes reliable? I know much of it depends on the previous owner, but overall what have people's experiences been?

    2. I'm honestly afraid to have a light RWD car in the snow. I've never owned a RWD car before (I've driven an 07 GT500 and an 04 Mach 1, but didn't push them at all)....and I know they handle much differently than the FWD and AWD cars that I'm used to. Is RWD in the snow a disaster? or can it be done?

    Thanks guys for any info!
  2. I drove my 88lx for 2-1/2 years daily before I got another car. The snow is not really a good situation but the time I was driving it daily I did drive in the snow a couple of times.depends on where you live, how much snow you normally get. My buddy and my brother have been driving their 93 lx and 93 gt for 5 + years until recently.
  3. They are reliable, but you gotta keep in mind you are driving a 20+ year old car. The reliability factor all depends on ho well it was maintained and how well you maintain it. A lot of average fox 5.0s are 100-150k mile cars at this point, so it's hit or miss.

    Can they be driven in the snow? Sure. I'd recommend a second set of snow tires however. I daily drive my fox when I was 18-21 in the snow. Not fun, but I survived.

    Would I do it now? No way
  4. I finally bought a set of Blizzaks for the snow, and then all the issues of driving in the snow went away.
  5. yeah I will for sure have a set of dedicated snow tires, probably Blizzaks. everybody seems to love them.
  6. I've driven through your neck of the woods SEVERAL times in the snow. It's like playing a video game but you only get one life.

    It can be done but man... You gotta know the car.
  7. lol....not necessarily encouraging....
  8. Wasn't meant to be. I've moved back to the western PA area and I can tell you that my Stang will be winterized and stored for the silly season.

    My recommendation? Buy something else first. A used Subaru or something. Get the Stang as a fair weather cruiser.

    I recall some pretty hair raising moments on 79 and the turnpike. :nonono:
  9. Not a good snow car, not even a good rain car for that matter. In PA we also get alot of black ice and crap like that too. For 10 months of the year it would be a really fun DD. Maybe carpool or something for those bad weather days...
  10. Don't even think about it.

    Not just because of the winter but having a fox for daily can be, not fun, putting it nicely. I would never daily a drive a fox again, kudos to those that do it but its just not for me. Thankfully I am at a point in my life that I can have one just for fun not as my primary means of transportation.

    I would ask you what your reason for wanting a fox is? And maybe I can give you some logical alternatives.
  11. Pig on ice, squirlley fun will be your driving experience until the posi and snow tires take effect. Then use your brain and not the throttle and it will be OK. But why not get something else to rust out and use the Mustang for fun months? I would consider even a cheap 4 door with cheap insurance and parts for other idiot drivers to run into. Putting g your love into a car to have it smashed by an idiot may require grief counseling. A second car will be helpful for those longer projects where you need sleep or more parts before work. I tried the one car thing and do not plan on it again. An old Taurus is cheap.
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  12. This X2
  13. Well I can really only afford one car right now. I'll be taking out a small personal loan to get the 5.0... I suppose I could save up like $700 and get a beater for the winter. But I just don't want two cars right now.
  14. I want a semi-fast, fun car that can be had for around $3500. The Fox is really the only option here. DSMs are terribly unreliable I've been told, old Supras are too and parts are rare, the 300ZX is just out of my price range, etc. I've done months of research and keep coming back to the Fox.
  15. Seems like you have made up your mind already. Foxes in that price are usually not in great shape, either rusted or need some mechanical work. Good luck with it.
  16. The Pittsburgh area has alot of hills, a Fox would be terrible in the Winter, they actually arent the greatest vehicle in rain either, I would buy one but only use it on nice days.
  17. As much as I'd like to recommend a Fox, I can't for your situation. These old cars need a lot of love, patience, and a backup ride. If you can't afford two cars, get a decent car that you can drive in the snow and a Fox later for cash. Your going to be hating on the car when it is broke, you can't get to work, and you have to make payments on it.
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  18. I must say, the ppl at Modded Mustangs were much more in favor of this than u guys are haha. But I appreciate the honesty. Like I said, I've considered getting a little Civic or something with cash as a DD, but then I'd have 2 older cars....which might be twice the problems.
  19. Don't get me wrong now... It can be done but precautions must be made. It also requires a gentle touch and a good head on your shoulders.

    I kept a set of snow tires on hand, chains in the rear hatch (for the unexpected), cables, a tow rope, and disconnected and wired the bypass valve open on the supercharger so that it wouldn't go into boost.

    I recall an instance where I'd gotten stuck and couldn't get any traction. I was in 4th gear running well over 100mph on the speedo at one point, just to get the ass of the car out of the depress that it was in. Lol
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  20. You're asking for trouble driving a fox in the winter. Take a look at your priorities. You require reliable, year-round transportation. I'm glad you want a fox and hope you get one, but now is obviously not the time for you. Get a decent dd and save up for a fox.
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