New Guy Looking For A 5.0 Fox To Be My Dd In The Near Future

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  1. These things are sought after quite significantly. More than you would imagine. My guess that is for $3500 you are going to be looking a "frankencars" and cars that need work.
  2. I dont think I could ever daily one again. By the time you put the effort into bringing the brakes up to par and doing the routine maintenance on a what is a 20+ y/o car you will have a lot of time and effort into a vehicle that still stands no chance in a collision.
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  3. What do u mean"no chance in a collision"?
  4. It will buckle like a belt. anything beyond a shopping cart collision at walmart will likely total one out since insurance companies dont value our cars well.
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  5. agreed they are much better as a second car
  6. Can be very delicate in the rain much less snow. A couple stops at a traffic light will show you just how light that rearend is for sure. Early shifting into 2nd, never give throttle around a turn, hilly turn or decline turn or any turn when wet.....hahahaha. A little practice around town will help you in the country road or long dark roads. A little practice and you got it. Just don't get over confident, that's when you'll over gas it on a duel lane turn signal and your rear corner plays "tag your it" on there car door.
  7. I'd be afraid to daily drive one. Bad enough one love tap twists the body like a potato chip.

    I don't even have an airbag in mine. Gotta rely on a 25+ year old seat belt to save my life.
  8. Are these attributes true of all powerful RWD cars, or just Foxes in particular?
  9. Rear wheel drive cars are generally not good in the snow. The reason is the majority of the vehicle weight is not over the drive wheels. I see rear wheel drives having lots of trouble, even in light accumulation on very slight inclines. Especially if they have to come to a complete stop such as a traffic light. If they have to start off on a slight incline, they're DOA.

    You are in Pittsburgh. You get alot of snow there. FWD would be a better daily drive choice.
  10. So the old adage of "just throw salt or sand bags over the rear wheels" doesn't hold up??
  11. Throwing weight over the rear helps, its just not going to be an ideal vehicle for everyday driving back in the Burgh.
  12. i slid to school many a day in my 91. not a fun time and not something i would want to do again. i have a 4x4 now because of all that white knuckle driving.
  13. Not if you have it insured properly!
  14. Long time ago I had a buddy driving his girlfriends FWD car with her in it and i had my other buddy in my fox. He wanted to race me a 100yrds after it rained real hard. He was wearing me out in front of his girl so I finally said ok. So we stopped and lined them up and I knew I had to treat 1st gear like I had 5.08 rear end gears ....hahahaha ....had to catch and real him in 2nd. He was a gearhead also and he knew [email protected] well I had all the odds against me, hence wearing me out in front of his ole lady. Anyhow, I was in the right lane and after I started catching them, I turned to looked at them passing by and I winked at his girlfriend as he came into view =) Muahahahaha sucka
  15. lol
  16. Agreed value policies normally have a clause limiting the amount of use the vehicle sees. Daily driving wouldn't be possible.
  17. well, thanks to you guys I'm officially scared to DD a Fox, lol. I'm looking at a late 90s Civic to be my DD and then saving up a little for either a Fox or going big and getting a Termi.
  18. I forgot to add I had a big sandbag in the back. That and good tires made it no big deal.

    Just use your head a lot and the throttle carefully. Once I added a limited slip rear end, I only remember getting stuck in it or my Corvair when the snow was above the bottom of the doors.

    Anyway, find an open parking lot to practice in. That is where I learned how to drive a FWD in the snow and ice. In your case, knowing what to do automatically (counter steer?) when the back kicks out is vital. It is the equivalent of torque steer. Not a big deal, but if done wrong, you will do donuts. (better than snack chips!) Stopping is still stopping, something too many 4wd drivers do not understand.
    I still think you may be better off with a Fox body for a toy so some fool on ice with a cell phone does not smack into you and does not even stop talking.
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  19. Absolutely true... thought about that one after I posted lol.
  20. The civic will definitely get you better MPG if you were planning on a 5.0 fox