New Guy Looking For A 5.0 Fox To Be My Dd In The Near Future

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  1. With how I drive my Si, I'm in the low 20s for MPG. So the drop off wouldn't be too bad.

    I'm still considering getting a Fox for my dd. the only thing stopping me is hills in the winter. But I don't drive on any to and from work....and honestly there's maybe 5 days a year when the plows can't stay on top of the snow and the roads are bad.
  2. I drove one daily for about 10 years, it only ever stranded me once and that was a bad TFI module. I did A LOT of preventative maintenance however. I am really wanting another fox but not sure if I would daily one again. Most I have seen in the 3500 range would not be DD candidates to me, more so the ones in that good of shape seem to be 5500-6500 cars. I have no experience on winter driving though, I'm from the south where we might have two snow days a year.
  3. I remember when only citron was fwd. Everyone drove rwd cars in the snow and without limited slip. No blizzaks either. But we did have tire studs or chained up. Rwd in the snow is doable. Saw some crazy things though :-D

  4. Airbags are for sissies. :rolleyes:
  5. Hmmmmmmm, wish there was an engine bay pic or two. Wonder if hes been doggin' it power shifting and thats why the tranny is grinding. I still have my stock tranny in at 193,000 with no work ever done :eek: .....I know, that's a miracle in a 5.0. But I've really driven it well over the years and being able to say that is kinda fun :cheers:. Although my quest for a go get'em DD I'm itching closer & closer to a tranny upgrade. Which kinda breaks my heart :( Although I may shoot for 200,000 miles and set a record :nice: I say go look at it and take engine bay pics, drive it and get a feel for it.
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  6. haha that's a miracle in any car
  7. I'll be the devil's advocate and say get the fox! sure, they aren't the best of drivers, but that's what makes them so damn fun! just don't be an idiot, you should be okay. i used to daily my stang back in 06-07 and had to drive through some snow...the hardest part was trying to get back into my driveway. i can't tell you how many times i got stuck at the bottom of it, where it transitions from the road to my driveway.
  8. And this is why I like it here so much. :)

    See below:

    All here in one forum. Take THAT facebook!
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  9. Think about it though... Facebook is like two strangers screaming "HEY" at each other as they pass on opposing trains. :rlaugh:

    You can't get this on FB. :nice:
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  11. Hahaha go test drive that pony!!! .....before your thread gets jacked!!! :burnout:
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  12. :spit:
  13. Couple years a go I dd'd a fox. It was ohh alright I guess but after I got another newer car the fox set idle pretty much. Had a rear main leak and I didn't have the extra cash to mess w it. Owning a 20 year old "hotrod" or sports car or whatever you like to call it is a rich mans game. Not megastar rich in he mustang community but to make one nice you'll need a spare 10 grand give or take. Lemme backtrack, there are 2 types of people who drive 20+ year old cars; those who do it as a hobby and those who are broke. It's frustrating if you're in the latter category because something's always breaking and you're always throwing money at it that you don't have just to keep er getting you to work and back. Thus making the cycle of being a broke-ass continue. I don't want to make this a totally negative post so I'll leave ya w/ this: I did enjoy my ole gal the 1st year or so when I got er before things started breaking. Made several road trips(w/out a/c in tx mind you) she was clean looking and it just had that cool badboy factor. Oh and I know I said I was done w the negativity but that's a tall order for me. One more thing, in stock form plus you add 100k mi on top of that they are pretty slow. You'll prob get out ran by a grand am or Camry
  14. I think my previous post should be made into a sticky :jester:
  15. Lot of truth in this post. One day when my LX still had the stock 302 in it (150Kish miles on it mind you) I couldn't get around some stupid woman in a minivan. Talk about a kick on the ol's ego's berries. If you stick with it becomes worth it. Like the night at the strip last October when I was raping 370's while on slippery radials and a worn out trac-lock.
  16. Yep and the sticking with it is where that 10g's give or take comes in
  17. Still want one?