New Guy Looking For A 5.0 Fox To Be My Dd In The Near Future

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  1. $4500 and needs a new clutch... Not a bad deal IMO.
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  2. may could go $3800 with a down play on the grinding issue???
  3. That car is for sale in West Mifflin, kinda funny cause the very first Mustang GT I Drove was there, back in 1989 or 1990 I test drove a brand new GT from Ramsey Sturman Ford.
  4. OP, as a long time fox guy, I have to say that LarsD has the right answer. If you were in the south where it didn't snow and fox mustangs were 10 years newer, then I'd say you were probably ok.

    These cars had reliable drivetrains, but old worn ones will see lots of the peripheries break: electronics, interior parts, etc... Now, at 20-30 years old, these cars are not for someone to who doesn't have the time and money to keep up. I think this really applies to any car that's worn, as opposed to a low mileage say 60-80k mile car. If you can afford a rust-bucket fox, you can afford a better 4cyl sedan with cheaper insurance and better gas mileage. If you can afford a nice fox, you can afford both the sedan and a cheaper fox you can build on. It sounds like you are not in the right position for this car.

    I think the difference between this thread and the one on moddedmustangs is that you seemed more focused on reliability and primary vehicle here, whereas you seemed more focused on getting 250rwhp reliably there.
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  5. i am actually getting a beater CIvic this week, so then i can start to hunt for a 5.0 and it won't have to be in DD condition.

  6. Though I do have to agree with this, my back-up rides have always been the pieces of crap while my Fox remained reliable and loyal. LOL
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  7. Then you'll have two cars to work on
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  8. Without being biased you don't think the motors/trans in the firebirds n camaros held up very well? I'm not arguing I dunno I haven't ridden in one since its was new in '01. I can imagine they might be rattle traps by now but I dunno bout the drivetrain. All I was thinking was if he's gonna spend 4k on a 200 horse 20 yr old car why not 5k on a 13 yr old w 285 if its performance he's after on a budget. It'd take a $3k topend kit on the fox just to get em on an equal playing field w the stock gm. If he was to drop a topend kit on the gm he'd really have something.
  9. Really guys I think it boils down to this: he's looking for a 3500-4k reliable, quick, daily driver and well there is no such car. However I just think he'd be disappointed w a fox. He thinks he's getting something quick and well its just not. I know it can be made to be but someone who is spending 4k on a dd will never get there. The kind of $ he can save when not making repairs will be bolt on stuff like exhausts n pulleys. (How do I know what he can save? Just taking an educated guess due to 3500$ dd) and that's going to be another disappointment to the list bc he'd spent his hard saved $ and is still getting spanked by the minivan. The he might run into trans probs or maybe nothin that major lets say a rear main leak but to the guy w a 3500 dolla dd a rear main leak is a lot of money. So now he has a loud slow car w dim lights that leaks oil. Man I'd pass. Mustangs are cool don't get me wrong but fixing one up to where its respectable isn't for the faint of wallet
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  10. I have to agree. I consider the LS1 motor F-body car just about the best bang for the buck in performance, and there's nothing wrong with the motor or transmissions.
  11. Point taken
  12. if you're wondering how I know all this well I was kinda in your shoes. If you're looking to be quick on the cheap I think I'd look at the firebird formulas or T/A. The z28 would be the same but I think the trans Am's were more adult owned when new so they'd prob be in better shape. With the Ls motor you're starting with more power and I believe aftermarket cylinder heads are cheaper than the mustangs. Hell even the older lt motors have a deal more power than the small 4.995 302 in stock trim. I'm not trying to sound like a mustang hater I'm just trying to save you some heartache. Now don't get it twisted, you'll have some reliability issues with the GM's as well, same goes with any 10-20 yr old car you'll always have some kind of maintenance part to replace but if its performance you're after you'll get more for less if you go w the car w the larger displacement
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  13. Back then, I would argue that an LS motored F-body wasn't the better deal, but it's hard to believe you couldn't find a mid-high mileage 98 (15 years old) for pretty cheap. The LS motor starts you off at 290-310rwhp, which is essentially a premium H/C/I combo on a fox-body. At ~300rwhp, the LS still has a huge amount of N/A potential without going to a stroker, and it's still stock. The T56 tranny is more stout than a T5, and the aftermarket is huge.

    I'd have to disagree with the LT1 motors. Stay away. Their aftermarket is not as big as the LS1 or the 5.0. Plus, I've heard nothing but bad things about "opti-spark." 265-285 hp at the crank is really nothing special. Simple bolt-ons would get you there and leave plenty of potential on the table. Plus, the fox is lighter. So, you'd get to the same ETs with less power.
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  14. I could possibly drive a Trans Am. I could never drive a Chevy tho haha
  15. Same car just different skins. The ta had more creature comforts though
  16. I never got that beater Civic, and am still shopping for a DD Stang.....but it's funny I actually just added the LS1 Trans Am to my list. they are going for around $9000 + here tho. not really 'beater' pricing. I can pick up an LT1 for like $4000 - $5000 tho. I know they aren't as prized as the LS1 engines, but still pretty quick. I would love to find a 99-04 GT Mustang for a decent price, but it's tough to justify that when the same year T/A has 50-60 more hp for the same price. The search continues....
  17. 4th gen z28 sells for about 4k less than the ta and has the same drive train.
  18. i know but listen....if I bring a Camaro home, I'd be disowned. and the T/A is more sexier