New Guy Looking For A 5.0 Fox To Be My Dd In The Near Future

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  1. the only difference is the guy with the t/a can afford a double wide. If you want to go fast an Ls1 powered camaro is top of my list. low 13's out of the box great mileage in town and on the highway, can be had for the price of a clean fox or SN95 and a chit ton faster.
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  3. After long tubes, lid, and tyres mine was consistently hitting 12s with an automatic tranny.
  4. My 2 cents...I've been driving a tractor trailer in the Philly area for 16 years. I've had a sportbike since 2005. I had an Explorer Sport 4WD for the winter. A stock LX 5.0 that I had my eyes on for 6 years came up for sale. Last December I bought it. My wife said I can't have 2 cars, I already have a motorcycle. (we're not rich or anything.) Since I drive all day anyway, driving my car in the snow was no big deal. We didn't get too much snow last year, but remember until around the early-80's EVERY car was rwd and tires were crap back then. People somehow survived. I make sure to wash it after every snow to get the salt off of it. Don't get me wrong with a little extra money I would get a Focus or a Fiesta or something. But I dd either the Suzuki or the 'Stang.
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  5. Some of you guys said that the Foxes aren't fast by todays standards, and I won't argue with you there...but really, in my price range of $3500 and under I think it's the fastest, most fun car I can get. I can get a Civic/Integra and those are fun in corners, but also painfully slow.

    Those are generally considered to be more reliable than 90s Fords tho also...and u guys mentioned that the Foxes are pretty old and will be breaking down by this point, at least the ones in my price range. But I don't want to drive a 90s Camry because it's super reliable and be bored out of my mind. I want a fun car, and I prefer it to be a Stang.

    can anybody relate to my pain out there?? haha.
  6. I think the mustang could be a fun d/d. In your price range you have a lot of options and should be able to find a decent car. They are fun to drive and I think rather low maintenance if you keep it simple. Don't aspire to have a 10 sec daily driver fox but as far as today's standards? who cares, you're the one driving it the heck with the rest of the world and their standards!!
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  7. Yes what he said. Just don't race an accord, grand am, turbo neon etc.
  8. Relatively speaking... It doesn't take metric ton of money to make a Fox go fast either. :shrug:
  9. Define fast my friend.... you can get a 5 spd coupe into the low to mid 13 second range with less than a grand of mods, 12's with another grand for a ZEX kit. Problem is over the past 20 years technology has advanced so far that we are all spoiled with stock 300hp cars of today.

    Back in the first days of 5.0's a low 13 second or mid 12 second car was fast. I'd consider today a fast street driven car anything with an 11.xx or better 1/4 time.

  10. Just fast enough for the sucker next to me to underestimate it, one more time. :nice:
  11. Yeah, there's a 79 very near me that's for sale. Could probably get it cheap. It's taking on another project/hobby, that I want to avoid. It would be a complete gut and strip, just like the one in your article.
  12. Are you including heads in that less than a grand? If so I assume used gt40's that need cleaning up n machine work prolly. I know labor isn't included in less than a grand. And noobz was prob referring to a topend kit making a fox quick on the relative cheap. If a fella is looking for a $3500 dd than a topend kit is "relatively" expensive.
  13. Huh? Who was talking about heads? Certainly not needed to get a Fox into the 13's. Not to offend, it sounds like you are relatively new to the Mustang scene.

    There have been countless people, including myself that back in the day bought their fox body mustangs new, and with Bob Cosby's recipe went deep into the 13's for well under a grand. I bought a brand new 89 with 800 miles on it and went from 14.1x's stock to 13.1x's over 3 months at Moroso. Guys are still doing it to this day. I think Sharad broke into the 12's withouth removing the valve covers.

    Bob's check list for 12's/low 13's

    -26x8 Slicks
    - 3.73 or 4.10 Gear
    - Short accessory belt
    - Off-road exhaust
    - Headers (prefer long-tubes)
    - Underdrive pulleys
    - Remove the air silencer
    - Ram-air/some sort of cold-air inflow, minimum K&N
    - If a Mass-air car, a larger sensor
    - 65mm TB with matching EGR plate
    - Remove front swaybar
    - Remove the clutch fan at the track
    - Advance timing to approx 13 deg
    - Good tune-up (new plugs, wires, rotor)
    - Remove all loose items in car (spare tire, jack, etc)
    -Courage. If you're scared of breaking it, you probably won't run the number!
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  14. Even your basic 5.0 5 speed fox is a ton of fun to drive. Grabbing 2nd gear from stop light to stop light is a blast and an head turner. Simple CAI and a set of 3;73's and you're getting there quicker than 90% of the cars on the road. Maybe a set of cat-back Magnaflows (or equal) for some attitude
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  15. Ah slicks, I thought we were talking a car in street trim.
    Yes a head turner I will agree with looks and sound but the being quicker than 90% w cold air and 3.73's is a bit if a stretch. They stopped being comparatively quick cars in 94 when gm stepped up their game w their 275 horse v8's and a few years later with their 205 horse v6's. But yes they are "sporty" and fun with their now nostalgia vibe and v8 rumble.
  16. I was in the same boat as you. Got a pretty good stock 87 GT for $3,000. It might take awhile but if your patient you can find a nice fox that was taken care of.
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  17. Would you feel better if I told you we used to run McCreary dirt track tires years ago before the drag radials hit the market?
  18. Or M&H bias ply "D.O.T" tires which were basically slicks with a few groves in them and they sure were "slick" if the pavement was anywhere near wet. But they worked for drag racing.
    All my "new" mustangs back in the day were mid 14 sec cars before the "tune up". It was/is easy to knock .5-1 sec off to get into the 13s(t5 cars not autos). Yes the new cars are still quicker/nicer and the ls1 cars are also. I still think the fox bodys are a muscle car throw back with a great aftermarket that you can "build" any version of car you want. Drag racing,daily driver,road racing, or restored original.
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  19. Hey found a flaw in you 13 sec recipe ;) - the price. 13's under a grand? Not in today's market.

    Long tube headers- $254.99
    U/d pulleys- $70
    Gears- $160
    Tb- (bbk) $199
    Mass air- cardone reman for 95 gt 69.99
    Off road exhaust- pypes o/r x $189.99
    Labor not included. When I had my gears installed if i remember right the labor was somewhere in the neighborhood of $300-400. Would you mount those slicks in your 16" pony's? I'm not trying to pick a fight with you with my list I'm just kinda messin' with ya. Anywho would you say prices have gone up much since the good ole days when 13's were king and 12s were stuff of legend?