New Guy Looking For A 5.0 Fox To Be My Dd In The Near Future

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  1. Be ez when turning right
  2. So what exactly does a texan know about driving in the snow, lol!
  3. Now and again it comes and its a big event. But seriously though I lived in Amarillo for a lil while (sht hole) and it snowed quite a bit up there.
  4. just when turning right?
  5. Like in parkinglots and such.
  6. 1. minimal (or no) monthly payment
    2. cheap and abundant parts
    3. fast enough and loud enough to make me smile
    4. able to be made very fast for relatively cheap
    5. cool factor. everybody likes these cars
    did I get those right?

    That's pretty much it exactly. A couple of Chevy guys at work have admitted that over the years Foxes have grown on them. One is even considering looking for one after seeing mine! Yikes!
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