New Guy Looking For Thread

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by mikesullivan, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. I was told by a user on vintage mustang forum that someone on this forum has a build thread that took a newer mustang (2005 -2007) and redid the exterior with vintage parts to convert it
    I am looking to do a build like this and I'm searching for a build thread to follow
    I like the idea of the newer drivetrain and interior with the safety features but with the vintage look
    I have a lead on a rolled 2005 and would like to put a 1967 or 68 body on it but think a 69 or 70 might be less of a long shot

    I know this would be extremely difficult but that is what I'm looking for

  2. I believe it was done by user Reenmachine.
  3. How do I search for this user?
  4. At the top to the page is the search dialog box. Click on it an in the drop down is a spot for "posted by user". Type his screen name in Reenmachine. It will show you his posts.