New guy, new car, new to mustang

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  1. Hi all , My name's Kevin , 27 , Canada ,qc :canada: . YES i'm new to the Mustang fever and i'm so happy , I always had imports awd (wrx,skyline). I had to make some change and i was looking at the GenesisV6 and the new 2011 v6 stang, on paper seems close but man after test driving both genesis v6 and 2010 v6 mustang I just felt for that baby stang for quality,confort and sound....anyway eveything except power wise. SOOOO when I heard about the new engine and 6 spd tranny it was a no brainner!!!!! plus I had the x-plan(i dont know if it's the same in US) ok now my order is :

    Mustang V6 coupe , man 6spds :nice: , grabber blue , black leather interior, shaker500, 3.31 rear axle.......and the rest. If any questions feel free to ask!!!
  2. welcome. im new here myself. sounds like a sweet ride. cant wait for next year. all new mustang motors and all new truck motors. a great great great year for Ford.!!!!!!!
  3. Niicee!

    Ya almost in the same boat as you! mostly always had imports and European cars..and in my case I liked the challenger instead of the Genesis..and when I heard about the 2011 V6 awhile back ive been waiting ever since for it to make its apperance!:hail2:

    U picked the best colour mine will be that too!
    Any word on your delivery date?:D
  4. Welcome to StangNet TopFuelKev :) Sounds like a Beautiful Stang you have ordered, I hope you get it soon and Enjoy it to the max. Have a nice time here at StangNet!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! For the delivery date they gave me a conservative date (8 weeks) soooo hopefully first week of June! But my dealer said he'll have the first 2011 by the end of april and i am welcome to test drive !!! Hoooooo yeah!