New Guy, New Project Post

Jan 19, 2018
We have been very busy getting some customers rides painted and ready for spring, so the Mustang has been on the back burner; but I have had a chance to do some work on the stuff going into the "Ground Zero" Mustang. This week the fuel cell came back from powder coat and I managed to install the Fi-Tech Hy-Fuel system, the fuel sender and the fuel fill neck that we will be using to plumb the new fill cap. I also had a chance to install some new MMR Billet pieces in teh Coyote. The new billet timing chain guides replace the OEM plastic ones which can flex at hi rpm and cause 5-6 degrees of timing variation. These along with the new Billet tensioners with HD springs will insure that the timing is stabilized to well over 7000rpm.
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