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Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Druro, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Hi. I've ordered a 03 mustang v6, 5spd and i'm getting it on the 31st. i'm wondering what is the best CAI to buy for the car. I"m also looking at getting a mustang gt takeoff exhaust, but i'd like ot know what i have to do to have the tips protrude just under the rear valence. can this be done with the GT's?

    Also, i noticed that my car doesn't come with a rear swaybar. will an older sway bar bolt in?

    thanks in advance

    P.S. i've had lots of experience with older mustangs (read: fairmont) and i'm well versed on these cars.
  2. Welcome! Are you planning on putting a factory GT exhaust on your car? Did I read that right?
  3. that's kinda the plan. they are much less expensive then getting an set of flows (which i would like... but down the road). One thing i forgot, was is there any companies that make an x-pipe for the v6?

  4. is where i bought my off-road X-pipe at. easy bolt or weld-on, however you wanna do it.

    good luck with the stang, welcome to the forum.


    P.S. if i could go back and redo my exhaust I fold bend the tips down after the rear axle so they couldn't be seen. Just my opinion :)
  5. Are you going to buy the GT bumper with the cut outs? I did I am glad I did that looks more in place
  6. If you don't want to buy the GT rear bumper cover, you can just hang the tailpipes below your bumper. Any exhaust shop can do it, there are several ways. You can put shims under the hanger (which you'll need to buy, because your V6 doesn't have tailpipe hangers), or you can cut or bend the metal hanger piece on the exhaust itself to fit.

    Most people seem to like eBay CAIs. They're the cheapest (30-50 bux) and perform just the same as anything else. MACs are much more, 150+, and are basically the same except that they use a K&N 'brand name' filter as opposed to a no-name paper element. If you're dead set on a K&N filter, you can always just buy an eBay CAI and buy a K&N separately for it, it'd still work out cheaper.

    Good call on the 5spd. What color did you get?? :D
  7. I"m getting dark shadow grey. thanks for the input. i've heard that the denscharger is very good, so i'm leaning that way.
  8. That color rocks. Good call. :nice:
  9. i love that color on all cars. i saw a GT with it today (it's a sign from above) SLOBBER.... all i can say is i'm saving up for some bullit rims for that... they are such an awesome combo.