New Guy saying Hello and a few questions.

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First off Hello im new(er) over here I was on here a long time ago with my old foxbody. and figured I would join up again. I currently have a 89 GT 5SPD (soon to be 3spd auto). that is getting finished up before I come back on leave from iraq. Just wanted to introduce myself.

Also I am trying to find some 4 lug centerlines or weld wheels (with tires) locally. as I do not have the time to really tinker too much with the car and do the 5 lug conversion as most of my tools are still in storage and Ill only be home for 2 weeks so I would like to really enjoy my time back. Let me know if you have some floating around :)

here are a few pix of the car. (interior is prob a 8/10 i would say its nearly flawless)





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May 17, 2000
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Welcome and thank you for your service to our country. :flag:

If you're back by next weekend, make sure to hit the Mustang Round-Up at Bellevue College. 1000+ Mustangs in one place.


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Jul 13, 2003
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I might sell my centerlines off my 4 banger? Whats wrong with your combo? Whatcha gonna do with the hood wanna trade hoods?I have a bolt on cobra R hood. I'll post ya pics if ya wanna see it or the wheels. peace


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:nice:Actually keeping the hood the car is on its way to mike in buckley who will be shooting the hood/bumper for me to match the car and they laying on some white ghost flames. car should be done at the paint shop no later than the 26th (day i get home) so i am pretty excited.

as for the rims please post up pics of the centerlines I just have always loved the centerline look (especially the 5 stars). my current setup isnt bad (just need drag radials for the rear as the tires on there now like to brake loose in 3rd).

So who all is in and around the tacoma area?
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