New Guy, Still Waiting For Shipment

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by ar2d2, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. I have this feeling there will be some new black stripes in front of your dealership very soon
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  2. Glad it worked out. I didn't think we were still sending free Stangs to new members. :D
  3. And @ar2d2 is spotted running down the street towards his Ford dealer shouting... MY MUSTANG IS HERE , MY MUSTANG IS HERE !
  4. @madspeed I was thinking of throwing some matte black vinyl on it. not sure if i will pull the trigger on it or not.
    sadly I cannot pick it up yet.

    @Noobz347 it wasnt free but I did get an amazing deal on it. thanks to rebates and it being so close to time for the 2015s rolling around
  5. i was referring to rubber :D
  6. @madspeed oh... yeah thats going down! haha
  7. false alarm, no mustang yet. this stinks
  8. Gives me that carrot :fuss:Plehehehease
  9. my thoughts exactly, beyond ready to be driving this car
  10. its on the island!! just gotta wait for the dealer to pick it up from the port... pics coming soon!
  11. Well tell him to hurry uuuup :p
  12. It is ready for pick up! soon as I get a chance to sneak away from work. Pics coming soon
  13. Sticks finger down throat and tells boss, i am very sick and need to go home .Skipping all the way to ford Dealership:spot:
  14. nice car. congrats.