New Guy...what Paint Shop In Central Florida?


New Member
Jul 3, 2012
Whats up guys? Proud 2000 GT owner here. Moved to the beach a few years ago and the roomate (being my landlord) of course gets the garage. Needless to say the sun and salt have begun working their magic on my paint. Wing and bumpers being the worst as they are plastic. The overal paint on the body is not that bad for being 12 years old and will still take a good shine (it was garaged most of its life). What shop have you heard about or used for paint jobs? I'm not talking about $500 Maaco jobs but a real paint job. And if you wouldnt mine sharing what you paid that would be great. I know im looking in the thousands for the entire car so I already know whats coming. My car is the Laser Red Metallic. Thanks for reading and any help!
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