new guy with 01 gt

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by myblackgt, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. sup everybody, ive got an 01 gt black on black



    this is my old '98 that i traded for the 01


  2. Im not seeing any pics......but welcome
  3. P5211015.jpg



    the old stang


    how about now?
  4. Welcome! Nice looking stang.
  5. Welcome, great looking stang !
  6. yeah, looks good.... I like both of them
  7. welcome welcome... you need to do two things... trade me wheels so I can get outta these cobra rims... and search the how to on tail light tinting becuase black looks AMAZING with the black a$$
  8. thanks guys here are some pics from today





    i would smoke the tails but i got pulled over for the ones on the '98 too much

  9. nice car. i've got an 01 gt. amazon green. Soon to have Weld Wheels. Making 370/370 all with the help of an S-Trim Vortech. fastest 8th is 8.2 on stock wheels and tires. Pics up soon